Just as you thought we’d hit peak flu, another deadly flu strain is sweeping Ireland.

The influenza B Yamagata flu virus, otherwise known as ‘Japanese Flu’, is not covered by conventional flu vaccines.

The virus is already said to be accounting for 60-70% of confirmed flu cases in the country, overtaking Aussie flu as the dominant ‘unvaccinated’ strain.

Symptoms include high temperature, fever, coughing, sneezing, muscle aches, and a runny nose.

While more contagious than Aussie Flu, symptoms of the Yamagata virus are believed to be less severe than Aussie flu.

It has been reported that while a vaccine that targets this flu strain is in existence, the HSE have yet to purchase it.

Parents are advised to take additional care in the midst of the strain’s outbreak, as the virus is passed on more easily among children.

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