Nearly 150 humanitarian visas being made available by Government for Afghans

Nearly 150 humanitarian visas being made available by Government for Afghans

By Cillian Doyle.

Up to 150 humanitarian visas are being made available by the government for Afghans, under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme.

The visas will mean they won't have to enter the direct provision system upon arriving here.

These 150 are in addition to 45 visas that were approved in recent days.


Waterford-based student Ashuk Hussein came here from Afghanistan in 2015 with his family.

The 16-year-old is a transition year student in Mount Sion in Waterford.

He says his home village has experienced terrible turmoil:

"In my village, there was a bad situation like fighting against the Taliban and the last three and four weeks it has been very terrible - a lot of people have got injured - and now they are out of the village and it is now ruled by the Taliban."


Ashuk added that his family left Afghanistan in search of peace:

"In Afghanistan for us isn't wasn't a better standard, there wasn't any education, there was a war going on."

"We literally left because we wanted somewhere to live for peace."

A crisis meeting of EU foreign ministers will take place later to form a response to an unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.


The UN says it has received "chilling reports" of human rights violations, since the Taliban takeover.


The US President has defended his decision of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan while accusing political and military leaders there of 'giving up'.

Joe Biden's admitted the collapse of the country's government 'was quicker than anticipated' after the Taliban took hold.

Speaking from the White House last night he said it was time to leave the country after 20 years of conflict.