New rules around close contacts to be proposed to Cabinet tomorrow

New rules around close contacts to be proposed to Cabinet tomorrow

Boosted close contacts who don't have Covid symptoms will no longer have to restrict movements under plans going to Cabinet tomorrow.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly will also propose those with a positive antigen test won't have to get a PCR test to confirm the result.

The isolation period for those who test positive for Covid is also to be standardised at 7 days regardless of whether someone is boosted or not.

People will be deemed to have boosted immunity if they've had a booster shot or have had a full initial course of vaccines and have caught Covid in the last three months.


However, contracting Covid-19 is not the same as getting a booster vaccine, according to a South East HSE official.

Young people in the region are being urged to avail of the extra jab even if they caught the virus over the Christmas period.

Kate Cassidy is the General Manager of the HSE South East Covid-19 Response Team.

Speaking to Beat News, she says getting the virus will not offer the same protection as a booster vaccine.


Meanwhile, 19,290 new cases of Covid have been confirmed today.

As of 8am today, 1,062 patients are hospitalised - 92 are in ICU

The TΓ‘naiste has said he can't guarantee the 8pm closing time for hospitality and cinemas will be lifted by the end of January.

Such a move is unlikely to be considered before next week with the Government saying the peak of the current wave of Covid is still to come.