Over 5,000 Round Zero CAO offers will be issued this morning

Over 5,000 Round Zero CAO offers will be issued this morning

5,156 Round Zero offers will be issued by Central Applications Office today to 4,027 applicants.

Round zero offers are made to CAO applicants who are not competing with students awaiting Leaving Certificate grades, or who are assessed on other criteria.

Applicants have until August 10th to accept or reject the offers.

Irish Times Careers Columnist Brian Mooney says the offers are being made on a reserved basis.


He says the offers today are specifically for students who took further education to improve their chances of accessing third level college.

"There are 3,346 people who are getting a Level 8 Honours Degree offer.

"This is a standard round which is offered every single year at the beginning of August, to mainly further education students, who may not have gotten the points last year or who may not have been sure that the area they are interested was for them.

"They are now receiving an offer from the colleges through the CAO on the basis of places that are put aside specifically for students who done a one year further education programme."


Applicants receiving an offer this morning will receive an e-mail or SMS text at 10am this morning and the closing date to accept this offer is at 3pm on August 10th.

Round 1 offers will then be made at 2pm on September 8th.

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