Prominant Kilkenny publican welcomes gardaí decision to inspect bars

Prominant Kilkenny publican welcomes gardaí decision to inspect bars

Bar owners have 'waited their turn' and do not want to see businesses shut down again, according to a publican.

Pat Crotty of Paris Texas Bar and Restaurant in Kilkenny has welcomed the gardai's decision to inspect bars to ensure public health guidelines are being met.

It comes after reports of some publicans flouting the rules in recent days.

Pat Crotty says those particular publicans should be made to adhere to the guidelines like everyone else.


"I would hate to think that publicans who think they know better than the medical advisors are going to put everything in jeopardy", he said.

Gardaí are to inspect pubs in Dublin to ensure they are keeping to Covid-19 guidelines.

Customers are meant to have a meal that costs at least €9 and only stay for an hour and 45 minutes.

Gardaí and the Licensed Vintners Association have called on pub owners in the capital not to break the rules ahead of the first weekend of trading since reopening.


Chief executive of the LVA, Donall O'Keeffe, says Gardaí will be looking to maintain public order.

Mr O'Keefe says: "Under licensing law, publicans have an obligation to run an orderly premises.

"In our view complying with public health guidelines is part of that.

"The Gardaí have extensive powers under licensing law and public order legislation.


"And Gardaí will be monitoring the situation closely."