Reports of cars arriving into Ireland at ferry ports 'not true' says minister

Reports of cars arriving into Ireland at ferry ports 'not true' says minister

The Justice Minister says reports of hundreds of cars arriving into Ireland at ferry ports last week "don't stack up".

There has been some concern after photos emerged online appearing to show British-registered cars driving off ferries at Irish ports last week.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan says gardaí have looked into it, and found it not to be true.

“What was reported and rumoured in advance of the Easter weekend actually didn’t stack up,” he said.


“And the gardaí have verified that.”

He says some cars were turned back, though, and that the issue will continue to be monitored.

Meanwhile, Dublin Airport says it remains open as an essential service for cargo and repatriation flights.

Yesterday, there were 58 scheduled flights and fewer than 300 passengers arrived at the airport.


Most of them were Irish people travelling home. The advice to them is to restrict their movements for two weeks.

The exceptions are for essential workers like pilots or hauliers.

But infectious disease specialist at the Royal College of Surgeons, Sam McConkey, thinks the rules should be stricter.

“What I have proposed is actually two weeks of quarantine," he said.


“So I would re-profile many of the empty hotels in Dublin Airport and say: people are welcome to come in but it’s two weeks in essentially mandatory, enforced, personal quarantine.”

The Department of Foreign Affairs says the most recent repatriation flight was from India over a week ago.