Scandanavian students visit Waterford as part of enterprise trip

Scandanavian students visit Waterford as part of enterprise trip

Over 60 Swedish and Norwegian students are in Waterford this week.

It's all part of an enterprise trip on the invitation of the Local Enterprise Office.

They've been taking part in lots of activities since arriving and will be involved in the St. Patrick's Day parade in the city tomorrow.

Ann is one of the teachers who's traveled over with the students.


She explains the idea behind the trip

"We've been coming here for the last 8 years with a group of students.

It's kind of their end of their secondary education trip.

So we've been coming here and visiting some companies. These are entrepreneurship students so that's why they're here."


Ann also said they're really enjoying their time here!

"Immensely, I think they've had a great time and tomorrow we're in the St. Patrick's Day Parade so we're looking forward to that."

One of the students, Mauris, is also really enjoying it.

Ya, very much.


It's nice to come to a new country and be here with our classmates, not just sitting in schools reading books.

It's a nice way to both get to know each other better and also to learn in a new way.