Sexual assault victim bites off attacker's tongue

Sexual assault victim bites off attacker's tongue

A woman who was a victim of sexual assault has bitten off the tongue of her attacker, and given it to police to use as DNA evidence.

The 57-year-old had been walking her dog at 4am in Avignon, France, when a man started to follow her.

According to French publication, France Bleu, the man, who is in his 30's, approached the woman and began attempting to kiss and hug her.

After he tried to put his hands down her trousers, she wrestled him and bit off the tip of his tongue.


She brought it home with her, collected her son, and then presented herself to the local police station to deliver the piece of flesh.

The man, who is from Tunisia and had been living illegally in France, was arrested at the scene.

Apparently, he has told investigators that the woman jumped on him.

The man will appear before a court on Wednesday before being forced to leave the country.


This is not the first time an incident like this has happened.

In 2014, a woman in England bit off her attacker's tongue and held it in her mouth to preserve it as DNA evidence.

Adele Barber was walking home from a doctors appointment when a man shoved her against a wall and started to sexually assault her.

She ran to her home, over a mile away, with the piece of his tongue in her mouth.


Adele told This Morning in 2015:

"I thought this has left him vulnerable, I’m just going to bite down as hard as I can and it will show it’s not consensual in any way shape or form, get as much DNA as I can and try and cause enough pain to get this guy off me."

She added that her attacker seemed to enjoy the pain of his tongue being bitten, and so began scratching his face in an attempt to gather more DNA.

According to Metro, Adele was determined for her attacker to get a conviction as she had been raped ten years previously.

After going to the police, no conviction was given to the attacker due to a lack of evidence.

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