Some restrictions may remain next week, Varadkar says

Some restrictions may remain next week, Varadkar says

The Tanaiste says some restrictions may remain next week as our so-called Freedom Day approaches.

Most Covid 19 rules are to be relaxed on Friday the 22nd of October, while the vaccine cert for restaurants and pubs is set to be removed.

Leo Varadkar says while he wants a full reopening, it all depends on the advice from NPHET.

"The plan is to go ahead and ease most of the remaining restrictions on the 22nd of October but that will depend on the numbers in the next few days and on advice from NPHET, I can't rule out the possibility that we may reopen but still retain some restrictions."


Last week, Taoiseach Micheal Martin said Ireland was 'on track' to lift remaining restrictions on the 22nd.

However, intensive care units around the country are treating people as young as 17 years old who are sick with Covid-19.

402 people are currently in hospital with the virus, 73 of whom are in intensive care while 1,466 further cases of Covid-19 were reported yesterday.


The age of patients in ICU, in a recent surge of Covid admissions, ranges from 17 to 88 years old.

The Department of Health says 70 percent of patients in ICU have not been fully vaccinated.


Professor of Immunology at Trinity College Dublin, Kingston Mills, believes the measure should remain.

"The evidence is fairly strong in favour of the benefits of vaccination, over 70% of people in ICU haven't been vaccinated so there's a much greater risk of people who are unvaccinated getting a severe disease."

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says advice from NPHET is expected next week.

"Looking on the numbers though and it does depend on the next couple of days, the numbers have increased and that is a matter of concern, the number of cases have gone also hospitalisations and ICU but it does seem to be stable and like I saqy, we'll make that decision for definite next week."