Staffing issues and bed capacity causing overcrowding at Limerick Hospital — HIQA

Staffing issues and bed capacity causing overcrowding at Limerick Hospital — HIQA
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Kenneth Fox

A lack of staff and decreased bed capacity are some of the main issues causing overcrowding at University Hospital of Limerick's emergency department, according to a new HIQA report.

On March 15th they conducted a risk-based unannounced inspection of the emergency department to follow-up on issues of overcrowding and prepare for additional severe crowding over the upcoming bank holiday weekend March 17th to 20th.

During the inspection, they assessed:


Compliance with four key standards from the National Standards for Safer Better Healthcare under the themes of Leadership, governance and management; Workforce; Safe care and support; and person-centred care and support;

Contingency measures in place to mitigate the impacts of crowding in the emergency department.

HIQA found the hospital to be partially compliant with one standard and non-compliant with three standards assessed on the day of inspection.

They said demand for services exceeded the emergency department’s capacity and was a major contributing factor to overcrowding.


Ineffective patient flow and decreased inpatient bed capacity significantly contributed to overcrowding.

Nurse staffing levels were also insufficient, which was having an impact on the safe provision of care at the time of inspection.

In addition, inadequate nurse staffing levels had been a regular problem over the preceding weeks.

They said an overcrowded and understaffed emergency department posed a significant risk to the provision of safe, quality, person-centred care and to the health and welfare of people receiving care in the department.


HIQA said it was not assured that the hospital had enacted measures to sufficiently manage overcrowding in the emergency department and the related patient safety risks posed by overcrowding.

They said they did not have adequate measures in place to address the issues of ineffective patient flow, insufficient nurse staffing levels and prolonged waiting times, all of which contributed to the overcrowding.

Following the inspection, HIQA escalated concerns to University Limerick Hospitals Group and the HSE.

HIQA sought assurances that the hospital and wider region would be effectively supported to enact substantive measures to address capacity deficits, including in acute and community service configuration, capacity and resourcing implementation.

The hospital has submitted a compliance plan in response to the inspection findings, outlining its short, medium and long-term actions to address the non-compliances.

HIQA  said they will continue to monitor issues in the hospital’s emergency department and implementation of the compliance plan to ensure patient safety risks are reduced.