Strong message to road users in the south east in the run up to Christmas

Strong message to road users in the south east in the run up to Christmas

The Garda Chief Superintendent in Waterford says the most dangerous place we can be in this country is on our roads.

Pat Murphy was speaking after three men died and six others were injured in a two car crash outside Dungarvan on Sunday.

The car the men were traveling in burst into flames on impact.

Pat Murphy says 2016 has not been a good year on the roads in Waterford

"This year we have lost seven lives on the roads in Waterford.


What I'm appealing to people to do is to make just one change in relation to your behaviour as a road user.

Just think about how your drive, how you walk, how you cycle, how you use our roads.

Think about yourself, let me know about myself an make one change so I can become more responsible for my safety and I can become more responsible towards your safety on the road between now and the end of this year."

He's also appealing to people to report any dangerous behaviour that they see


"I would say to anyone who notices someone behaving badly on the roads, driving too fast, someone who has a habit of drinking and driving, someone who was using their phone, someone who was in their car not using their seatbelts or having their children unstrapped - please pick up your phone and talk to your local Gards.

We will go and we will talk to people in relation to that. The strategy is a prevention strategy we don't want to be prosecuting anybody, if we have to we will.

But what we want to do is work in collaboration with every single road user to preserve life."

Garda Chief Superintendent Pat Murphy says they want people to have a peaceful and safe Christmas.