TDs set to receive another pay rise

TDs set to receive another pay rise

TDs and Senators are likely to receive yet another pay rise in the near future.

It comes as a €237,000,000 deal for public sector workers is being finalised to see wage increases across that workforce.

In recent years pay increases for politicians have been linked to other public sector pay deals.

So when many public servants get a pay rise - so will TDs and Senators across the country.


It's to give a 1% pay increase to certain grades of the civil servants, including politicians.

The rise would be worth more than €1,000 to TDs, however, a current member of the Dáil thinks a pay rise for Deputies and the like is not the way to go.

Solidarity TD Mick Barry believes it shouldn't go ahead for politicians:

"I think that the TD salary should be separated from the pay of the rest of the public sector."


"TDs are different in the sense that they are meant to represent the people, and for many of or people they have been hit very hard, and very hard in the pocket too."

He says he'll be donating his increase to charity.

Other opposition parties often forego any increase, handing it back to the state.

While Ministers have also waived increases in recent years.


According to the Irish Independent, in February of 2021, TDs were set to receive an increase that pushed their wages to more than €100,000 a year.

The increase was paid on the 1st of July, meaning their basic salary of €98,113 jumped to €100,191.