Text Neck: South East TD calls on government to act on kid's bad posture.

Text Neck: South East TD calls on government to act on kid's bad posture.
Credit: Mikhail Nilov Pexels

A South East TD has called on the government to act on children's postures.

Carlow-Kilkenny TD Jennifer Murnane O'Connor said she has written to all government departments about how children's phone usage is causing them to have bad posture.

"Our children are on the phones constantly. There heads are being bent, we are seeing a lot of poor posture."

Speaking in the Dáil today, Deputy Murnane O'Connor says awareness and education could help solve the problem, which she says will cost the state nothing.


She says a scientific report, researched by a Carlow physiotherapist, could solve this issue, and that the government "has to act fast".

Looking to the future, Deputy Murnane O'Connor says "this is going to be a long term problem if we don't step in."

Text Neck

Having bad posture due to your phone has been labelled 'Text Neck" in the US.

The condition refers to having bad posture when using a mobile device, resulting in pain in your neck and shoulders.


Experts say holding your mobile phone at eye level, and raising your laptop can help prevent Text Neck.


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