TV star Angela Scanlon rushed to hospital following 'serious crash'

TV presenter Angela Scanlon has been taken to hospital following a "serious car accident" in London.

Angela, 37, was treated at the scene by paramedics when the car she was being driven in collided with a private ambulance.

A source has told The Sun newspaper that she "is fine now" but the ordeal came as "quite a shock".

Scanlon hosted Beat 102-103's SHINE Festival earlier this year to an audience of over 20,000 girls from over 100 schools across Ireland.



Angela has since taken to Instagram to assure followers after the accident.

"‘Thank you so much, I’m absolutely fine. There was a car accident yesterday, I was in it.

"It looked pretty bad. Nobody was hurt, thankfully," she said.


"They [the paramedics] were amazing. Everyone was amazing. I did have to go to the hospital just as a precaution, but I was out yesterday evening."