Two cars towed away to pound with kids still in the back seat

Two cars towed away to pound with kids still in the back seat
A wheel clamp attached to a car wheel, in Southampton, England. Image: tico24 for Wikicommons

Two cars towed away in Dublin had young children in the back seat.

According to reports by the Irish Mirror, two vehicles were towed away in April by Dublin Street Parking Services (DSPS), despite children being in the cars.

In one incident in North Dublin, a two-year-old child was in a vehicle that was towed away. Reports claim the child's mother was seen chasing the truck and screaming before the driver stopped and realised there was a toddler in the back seat of the car.

In a separate incident in the same month, a four-year-old child was in the back seat of a car that was towed away by DSPS, before the driver realised there was someone in the car.


It's understood that Dublin Street Parking Services has a rewards system set in place, and reward staff members who clamp a high volume of cars, which a source blamed as the reason these incidents occurred. The source also claimed Dublin City Council is "well aware" of this rewards scheme.

Dublin City Council confirmed they are aware these two incidents took place, and have changed clamping policies to ensure children sitting in cars will not be towed away.

A spokeswoman for Dublin City Council said a meeting was held between DSPS and An Garda Síochána recently to review policies. The spokeswoman confirmed, "additional safeguards are now in place to help prevent any reoccurrence of this issue."

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