Waterford deputy warns about Brexit's impact on our Budget

Waterford deputy warns about Brexit's impact on our Budget

Government must not use Brexit as cover for tax cuts.

That's according to Waterford Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane.

He has warned the Government against using Brexit as political cover to push a tax cutting agenda.

This comes in response to comments from Minister Pascal Donohoe in the Sunday Independent - relating to taxation and Brexit.


The Sinn Féin spokesperson on Public Expenditure and Reform said, "the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Pascal Donohoe was saying that the priority for the Government in terms of the next budget has to be tax cuts.

We all know that this Government priorities tax cuts for the wealthy and the highest earners and not for the vast majority of working people.

We have a crisis at the moment of public services where patients are lying on hospital trolleys in record numbers and people are waiting years to see hospital consultants.

He added, "Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are cut from the same cloth. Fine Gael are only in office because Fianna Fáil allow it. They are both conservative parties whose instincts are to protect the elites and the better off.


Sinn Fein will continue to provide a progressive alternative. We will reduce the burden on working families by abolishing the property tax and water charges in full. We will also take the low paid out of the USC charge net.

However, we will deliver for all working families by reducing the cost of healthcare, education, childcare, and public transport. Sinn Féin is about investment and the delivery of quality public services.

The best way to protect this state against Brexit is to fight for special status for the North within the EU and increase public spending on critical infrastructure. The promise of more tax cuts for the wealthy is a recipe for disaster."