A Waterford Health Specialist Has Developed a Supplement That Battles Heart Disease

A Waterford Health Specialist Has Developed a Supplement That Battles Heart Disease

A renound Waterford nutrition and sports psychology expert has developed a heart supplement that he believes will help boots both heart and general health.

David Burke, who has been working on the product for over eight years, got the idea for the supplement after being inspired by his sister's health scare.

He teamed up with Wexford duo Brian Murphy and Stephen Carr to produce a natural product which is completely devoid of fillers or bulking agents.

He explained that he wanted to create an all-natural product which aims to battle plaque build-up on the arteries


David told Beat News how conventional tests for heart disease may not be sufficient and how he tried to get the best ingredients for his product.

"I really had to keep my eye on the ball with ingredients. I wanted something I could give my own family. Myself, my dad is on it, I'm on it, my sister takes it."

He said that he has seen many people with heart problems being given the all clear, only to have heart attacks days later.

His product aims to combat that by preventing the build-up of plaque on the arteries.


He also explained that clinical trials for the product will be taking place in Waterford Institute of Technology.

"I met with Dr. Harrison in WIT and we'll hopefully be starting trials with them soon."

"We started with Enterprise Ireland about a month ago and they're pointing us in the direction of all the right people, so its mad exciting at the moment."

David said there are many factors that help to have a healthy heart, and that there is more to it than just diet and excercise.


"People think 'oh my cholesterol is good, my blood pressure is good, thats enough', but its far from enough", he explained.

"Don't forget that the heart also needs fat, but the right fats."

David said he was keen to explore alternative thinking with regards to heart health, and even spoke of the positive effects of cayenne pepper and sunlight for the heart.

Body Balance for a Healthy Heart is available from health shops and online.