'We’re at a very delicate moment' in fight against coronavirus - Harris

'We’re at a very delicate moment' in fight against coronavirus - Harris

The Covid-19 death toll in Ireland is now 610 after 39 more patients died yesterday.

493 more people have tested positive, including older 48 swabs in the last of the backlog sent to Germany.

It means over 15,000 people are known to have been infected with the coronavirus in the Republic.

The number of confirmed cases in the South East is 770.


292 of them are in Tipperary, 197 are in Kilkenny, Waterford has 112, Wexford has 98 confirmed cases and Carlow has 71.

Health Minister Simon Harris says the evidence suggests the disease's growth is stalling in here.

But he says fight could still be lost.

“The progress is fragile. We’re at a very delicate moment,” Mr Harris said.


“And it would not take much for that to be reversed.

“I’m just hearing stories - and that’s all they are - but stories of people beginning to somewhat relax their interpretation of the phrase stay at home.

“And I really, really need to appeal to you not to do that.

“I can’t have a situation where all the amazing work you’ve done is ongoing.”


Meanwhile, a census of all nursing home deaths took place over the weekend to help better understand the scale of Covid-19 within the facilities.

The research looking at people who have died in nursing homes since the start of the year related to coronavirus, and those not linked to the disease.

The HSE's Dr Colm Henry says it may highlight some cases that are going "under the radar”.

The current restrictions started on Friday, March 27. They mandate that everyone should stay at home, only leaving to:

  • Shop for essential food and household goods;
  • Attend medical appointments, collect medicine or other health products;
  • Care for children, older people or other vulnerable people - this excludes social family visits;
  • Exercise outdoors - within 2kms of your home and only with members of your own household, keeping 2 metres distance between you and other people
  • Travel to work if you provide an essential service - be sure to practice physical distancing