Wexford campaign group tackle mental health with stunning video

11 October 2017

A Wexford-based mental health action group has launched a new video as part of its awareness campaign in aid of Pieta House.

Having already raised €6,000 for the cause, the Don’t Bottle It Campaign has enlisted the services of a local photographer to help boost its cause.

The resulting video follows four individuals along their mental health journey, showing that it’s okay not to feel okay.

Speaking to Beat News, video creator, Shane O’Connor, explained that the concept came from a change in his work environment.

“It all started back in October 2016 when I started working from home”, he said. “I went from working with a load of people to working on my own.”

He searched for videos and other materials on mental health online, but failed to find any material that connected with him.

Drawing on his passion for photography, Shane set about making a simple narrative on mental health that would work on video.

“It’s about four different people in four different scenarios. The video is fictional but it’s based on real life”, said Shane.

“One feels alone and judged by the few that are around him, another is about to lose his house, one doesn’t want to be here anymore and doesn’t know how to tell his family, while the final character suffers from post-natal depression.”

The overall message is simple – “we don’t have to be alone, there’s always someone around to talk to – be it a family member, a work colleague, a friend or even a stranger walking down the road.”

I’d like to think that even a stranger could turn around and reach out to me.”

I just hope that people take something from it,” Shane concludes. “If just one good thing comes out of this video – well, that mission accomplished.”

You can find out more about the Don’t Bottle It campaign by clicking here.

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