Wexford man trapped in a crashed car for three days is 'lucky to be alive'

Wexford man trapped in a crashed car for three days is 'lucky to be alive'

A man from County Wexford is 'lucky to be alive' after being rescued from a car he had crashed three days previously.

The crash happened outside of Wellingtonbridge when the car John Wall (30) was driving went off the road into a 20ft gully.

Mr Wall sustained multiple injuries and is recovering at University Hospital Waterford.

Speaking to New Ross Standard Newspaper, Wall's partner Ciara Kent said: “I was sick with a cough and a cold and had fallen asleep and when I woke up I noticed the jeep was gone.”


Wall set out on his journey from his home in Wexford at around 2:30pm on Saturday. When Ciara awoke to find the jeep missing, she tried phoning her partner but he didn't answer.

"I put something up on Facebook that he was missing. A woman Kathy Sinnott and her partner and her brother were driving outside Wellingtonbridge on Tuesday afternoon and they saw a black jeep.”

Ms Sinnott and the occupants of the car were stopped at a traffic light as there was roadworks in place. This is when they saw the black Nissan Qashqai off the road.

Emergency services were alerted and arrived at the scene from Wexford and New Ross where they worked to cut the roof off of the vehicle.


"They were nearly two hours getting him out. The car is a total write off. The firemen have been so good and have been in touch asking how he is."

John was rushed to University Hospital Waterford with multiple injuries including, swelling on the brain, three broken bones in his back, Septicemia and a chest injury.

Ciara added: “He is in a back brace and will need a lot of treatment but he is going to live. I am so grateful to the girl and her husband who found him.”