Wexford receives welcome boost for state of the art skate park

Wexford receives welcome boost for state of the art skate park

Locals in New Ross, Co Wexford, have long sought the addition of a pristine skate park in the heart of the town.

Progression in development stalled for several decades, with locals fearing they would never see ground broken.

However, following a municipal meeting last week, officials have confirmed that plans are in the final stages and will be progressing for permission.

New Ross Municipal District chairman Cllr Michael Sheehan is an advocate for the development and is confident with the recent progression in talks.


"Over the last couple of years, we've attempted different ways, but finally, we have gotten to a stage where we are ready to go for planning," he told Beat News.

"We have some great pilot projects to look at. One in Waterford and one in Min Ryan Park in Wexford."

With any construction of this nature, the development will be contingent on receiving adequate funding.

Mr Sheehan continued: "What I think is really positive is that we are going for planning, and it will be an extensive skateboard park that everybody in the region will be able to use.


"It will be based on the model in Min Ryan Park, which was somewhere between €300,000 to €350,000.

"So, once we have the plans complete and the consultants in place, we then just have to seek and get the funding from central government and local government."

Confidence is high in achieving this through the model of Sports Capital funding and internal capital of the council.

Planning will take anywhere from six to ten weeks, with hopes of completion by June. If achieved, this will line the project up alongside the Summer and Autumn rounds of Sports Capital Funding.


As well as this, Urban and Rural regeneration development programmes will be requested, amidst hopes of finally completing this much-desired park.