'What a way to treat a human being': Watch as homeless man reacts to news he is to be evicted

'What a way to treat a human being': Watch as homeless man reacts to news he is to be evicted

A 53-year-old English man who has been living in a small white marquee tent on the quays of Cork city for nearly a year has expressed his dismay at news that eviction notices have been served on those living in the tented village.

The man, who doesn’t use a name and answers to ‘No name’, said he was very happy on the quays and had fallen in love with Cork.

"Its a wonderful place to live ... You fall in love with the place."

Asked how he had been treated and what he has done for food 'No Name' paid tribute to the services in place to help homeless people in Cork and said he had been amazed at the generosity of the people of Cork.


"There's a lot of love"

Reacting to the council's decision to serve eviction orders on those living in the tented village, No Name, said while he accepted the council had a job to do he was hopeful they would change their minds.

"I've been bullied before. When the boys in uniform come around you tend to do as your told. But what a way to treat a human being".


Speaking yesterday the chief executive of Cork City Council defended issuing eviction notices to the homeless people living in the tents.

Ann Doherty said the council has tried to engage with the individuals who have pitched tents on St Patrick’s Quay over several months, and that they have all repeatedly refused to engage with the services and supports offered. She said the council has to act at some point.

"Nobody should be in a tent. But this is a quay site by the water. It is not the place for people to live,” she said.

“We cannot leave people on the side of the water, facing into a winter. I don’t see any other way around it. This has nothing to do with tourism. It’s about doing the right thing.


“At some point we have to take action and I am making no apology to anyone about it.”

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