What's on in your area for National Tree Week?

What's on in your area for National Tree Week?

A number of events are taking place in the South East as part of National Tree Week. 

It's Ireland's largest tree celebration and aims to highlight the importance of the work they do for the environment.

National Tree Week has been running for over 35 years, with the theme of this year being  ‘Biodiversity Begins With Trees.’

Éanna Ní Lamhna is the President of The Tree Council of Ireland. 


Speaking to Beat, she said:

They're wonderful places for other wildlife to live in. They give us food. They give us shelter. They are very goodd for soil. They make the whole place lovely for walking around and for our mental health.

Coillte have dpnated 150,000 native tree saplings to be distributed for planting by local community groups.

A ceremonial planting session is to take place in Bansha, Tipperary tomorrow.



This afternoon, a "Why Planet Earth Needs Trees" event will be taking place in the JFK Arboretum in New Ross.

It will begin at 3pm and all are welcome.

Tomorrow at noon, a "Threatened Trees Conservation" will take place in the JFK Arboretum.

At it, you will hear about the International Conifer Conservation Programme with Gardener Gary Mentanko and efforts here being made to conserve threatened conifers.


It is open to all.

On March 23rd, an "East Meets West" event will be happening, again, in the JFK Arboretum.

It aims to highlight a variety of different trees and rhododendron from the Far East that are now in the Arboretum.

It will begin at 12pm.

On the 25th, a "Care for the Earth Tree Planting Ceremony" will take place on the Bride Street Church.

At 12:45pm, Bishop Ger Nash, on behalf of the Wexford Parish Care for the Earth Group will plant a Native Birch in the grounds of the Church.

The importance of trees will be highlighted, especially the major role they play in addressing Biodiversity Loss and Sequestering CO2.

All are welcome.


On the 24th, the Waterford Lions Club will be planting 90 native Irish tree saplings with the 1st year students from The Mercy Secondary School.

Each student will be given a tree to plant to match their birth date from the old Irish tree calendar.

This is the final planting of 10 school plantings this season in Waterford.


As well as the series of events listed above, webinars will also be held.

One taking place tomorrow focusses on the "Planting and Aftercare if Trees."

A full list of webinars can be found here.