Would you be up for a Thanksgiving Bank Holiday?

Would you be up for a Thanksgiving Bank Holiday?

Is Thanksgiving too American for us Irish, or do you think we need the public holiday?

Well, we might get it!

It comes as the Government is considering ways to compensate frontline workers and who to include in any reward.

An extra bank holiday is one plan being considered.


Fine Gael posted on social media, hinting that the American holiday might be coming on Monday, 29th November, if it gets the right feedback.


The party wants people to have their say in a Covid-19 commemoration survey.

There has been a mixed reception to the tweet, with this Twitter user says the extra Bank Holiday should not take place on Thanksgiving.


While this Twitter user thinks it's the right idea

There have been calls for a once-off wealth tax to pay for pandemic bonuses.

It's been suggested by Labour the tax could be on couples who earn over a certain amount.

People Before Profit says it should be on the super-rich and corporations who made huge profits during the Covid crisis.

While The Teachers Union of Ireland says it wants to be involved in discussions on recognising the work of frontline workers during the pandemic.

However, it insists they have not called for a bonus payment.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels