Your mother knows best, you just don't know it yet

Your mother knows best, you just don't know it yet

Your mother knows best, you just don't realise it until you are 26.

That's according to an article in today's Daily Mail.

A survey by the UK Post Office found that nearly half of the population ignored advice from their mother, but then regretted it later in life after realising she was actually spot on.

A further 60% said they only fully appreciated their mam after having their own kids.


The survey came in light of Mother's Day on Sunday, and over 2,000 people took part in it.

"Treat people as you would like to be treated" was the advice given by mothers the most often, with 42% of participants citing it.

"Family comes first," life isn't always fair," and "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything," were other pieces of wisdom passed on.

Over a third of people say they wish they listened to their mam more, with a fifth saying they have become younger versions of their mother.


The average age that you turn into your mam is 31.

40% of participants say their mother is their best friend, speaking to them at least eight times a week.

Four in ten share the same sense of humour with their mother, 3 in ten like the same food, and 25% say they have adopted the same parenting style.

Just one-sixth of people say they share the same political views as their mam.


75% of those surveyed said they will make an effort to see their mother this Sunday, with those who can't saying they will send a card or put a present in the post.

And just in case you forget that your mother really is like an elder with all the wisdom of the world, here's a song to ensure you don't forget.