Our Story

July 1st 2003 marked a major milestone in Irish radio broadcasting history; Beat 102-103 the country’s first regional radio station took to the airwaves at exactly 1:02pm.

Ever since, Beat 102-103 is consistently the number one radio station in the South East targeting 15-34 year olds. Our loyal audience knows when they tune to Beat they get fun, craic, banter about life in the region from relatable presenters they know and trust, great music, relevant news and sport relayed in a concise, energetic format that appeals to our demographic.

Nearly thirteen years of market leading broadcasting is no mean feat for a station licensed by the BAI to test the market for youth radio – a test that proved a qualified success and pioneered the way for youth radio in Ireland. For over a decade, the station has consistently increased its audience reach and share while also growing its revenue to ensure the station’s future viability.

Beat’s output always remains truthful to its core mission statement to always be ‘The “go to” multi-platform radio station for entertaining & informing young adults in the South East which is irresistible to advertisers’.

Beat has established a reputation as a radio station with a clear strategy: it knows what it’s about, who it’s targeting and what it wants to achieve. As a music station first and foremost, we invest heavily in music research. This ensures we know the various genres that are most popular among our audience and have the knowledge, raw talent and gut feeling to alter our content to appeal to the ever changing needs of our listeners.

One of the most popular talk segments on Beat is the Daily Dilemma on the morning talk show, Beat Breakfast. Beat presenters talk about day to day problems that might occur in the everyday life of a regular Beat listener. Here and across the day, presenters interact with our audience in a conversational style, using relevant language and South East slang that appeals to our target. There is also a strong regional focus incorporated across all programming but is particularly evident in Beat news & sport; Jobfinder, Gig guide and daily features like the South East Travel Tourism trail.

In addition to great music and quirky talk content, standout promotions have always been a significant mainstay on Beat. Attention grabbing promotions guarantee our audience interacts more with us - on the street, on air and on social media. We work with limited resources but are driven by innovative thinking and a passion for delivering great radio.

Beat is omnipresent in the communities of the South East from championing young South East sporting stars and entrepreneurs to leading a fundraising drive for Cancer support services.

A small team of talented and passionate staff members ensure Beat 102-103 consistently punches above its weight. The Biggest compliment we regularly receive from our large, loyal listenership is ‘Beat is like our friend’; ‘a part of our life’. Many of our current audience members were teenagers when we first launched; now they are in their twenties and just like us, they are STILL loving what we do!