Former Waterford FC player Louis Britton has spoken about the vile online abuse he has received

Former Waterford FC player Louis Britton has spoken about the vile online abuse he has received

Former Waterford FC footballer Louis Britton has spoken for the first time about the vile online abuse he has been subjected to.

The Englishman spent five months on loan with Waterford from his parent club Bristol City.

Having been recalled by Bristol in June, the 21-year-old then signed with Cork City - on the same day Waterford had confirmed his recall.

The move sparked outrage from a small contingent of the Blues support.


Speaking to Damien Tiernan on Déise Today on WLR, the 21-year-old revealed he mainly attributes this to kids: "Most of them are just kids and they've obviously made a mistake.

"But obviously, you can't be saying them sort of things.

"Hopefully in a few years they'll understand that they can't go around saying things like this.

"I think social media needs to do more to prevent things like this happening."


Since opting to make the move to the Blues fierce rivals Cork City, Britton revealed that he receives regular messages of hate and even threats to his life.


"This all started from me joining Cork, really," he added.

"It's all come up as soon as I left really. I've been getting comments since then - to this day now.

"Now obviously, it's just got to a point now where I felt I had to get it out there."

He continued: "Nobody had my number, it was just all-over social media really - like on Instagram and Twitter.

"That's where you can make your fake accounts and say whatever you want.

"It started off with snake and rat emojis, which I could take because it's not as bad.

"But then it started to get a lot worse and some disgusting comments I received.

Waterford made the trip to Cork on Monday night to face Cork at Turners Cross.

The game ended in a scoreless draw and Britton made an appearance from the bench.

"After the game I received some disgusting texts about me - hoping for me to get a career-ending injury," he said

"Being racist, calling me a British b*stard, saying I hope I break my legs and things like that.

"Even messaging my mom and dad and giving them abuse.

"It's got to a point where I feel it's gone too far now."

The Bristol man claims that some of the individuals did not even take the time to hide their identity.

He's stated that a current underage player at the club also issued a disturbing message toward him.

"Some of them were stupid enough to send it on their own accounts.

"The one who wished me a hospital appointment plays for Waterford.

"It was stupid for him to do that - he's an under 17 player."

Waterford FC have moved quickly to condemn any form of abuse and wish the player the best in his career.

The club claims that the allegation of abuse from an academy player has been "examined in detail" and they are "happy to confirm that this allegation has been proven to be totally untrue."