Giles and Kinsella both back McCarthy for Ireland job

Giles and Kinsella both back McCarthy for Ireland job

Former internationals John Giles and Mark Kinsella believe the time is right for Mick McCarthy to become Republic of Ireland manager for a second time.

Speaking on Off The Ball, Giles was adamant that the FAI were left with little option but to move on from Martin O’Neill following such a disappointing year.

“I think it was the right decision for Martin O’Neill to go because things got very bad in recent matches,” Giles commented.

"There didn’t seem to be any hope and I think things came to the right conclusion. Things were getting worse and the Northern Ireland game was the last straw. I think it is generally accepted that Northern Ireland don’t have players any better than ours but they were well organised and should have beaten us well.


Mick McCarthy and Stephen Kenny are the clear favourites for the vacant Irish managerial post. John Giles believes McCarthy is the right age to take up the role for a second time.

“I would probably go for Mick McCarthy,” Giles admitted.

“I think he is at an age that is good for international team management. He has a lot of experience and done the job before. In most of the clubs he has been to, he has done a good job. He had nothing to spend at Ipswich Town but kept them comfortably in mid-table for a few seasons. Where are Ipswich now? They are bottom of the league. My opinion on Mick McCarthy is that he would be well received.”

The other candidate, Stephen Kenny, remains something of an unknown quantity outside of Ireland. Giles admitted that might be a potential roadblock to the Dundalk manager taking over from Martin O’Neill.


"I don’t agree with it but I think it is an issue,” Giles said.

“I think Stephen (Kenny) has done a terrific job and I would try to find a role for him going in to the future. I do understand that he hasn’t done it a particular level and there would be reservations about that. I wouldn’t necessarily have those reservations because he is doing such a good job.

“I think the priority for now is that the senior team delivers. I cannot see any reason why a new senior manager couldn’t have more of an influence on our U19 and U21’s and work with whoever is in charge. I think it should all work together.”

Speaking on 2FM’s Game On, former Republic of Ireland international and U21 Coach Mark Kinsella explained why Mick McCarthy would be more than capable taking over for a second time and Dundalk’s Stephen Kenny should not be ruled out either.


"I think Mick will have a game plan (if he comes in),” Kinsella noted.

“He will have watched the players and the team over the last couple of months. Mick will know what he wants to do straight away and he’ll know which players he will want to go into whatever positions.

“The same with Stephen (Kenny), he will have watched the games. The way Dundalk have been playing, maybe the expectation will be, if he gets the job, that Ireland are going to play like that. Well, that wouldn’t happen overnight as Stephen’s worked very hard to get Dundalk playing the way they are playing over the last number of years.”