Jim Bolger: "I've always been interested in the careers of young people"

Jim Bolger: "I've always been interested in the careers of young people"

Sitting in his impressive staff canteen, decorated wall-to-wall with some of the incredible history of his training career, lasing more than three decades, Jim Bolger allowed himself the briefest moments of self-reflection.

The 77-year old, who missed out on an Agricultural Scholarship and a place in the Forestry school after his leaving certificate (the best thing that ever happened to him, he admitted), has gone on to be one of the most successful and recognizable trainers around the world.

It has been a tough 2019 for Bolger, but the Wexford native says his staff keep him going, as well as that unending desire to taste victory in one of the big races once more.

"I must admit that there is a photograph of New Approach inning the Epsom Derby, and I have to pass it on my way to bed every night, and if I'm not having a good run I say 'well I can't be that bad! At least I was able to win the Epsom Derby'"


Bolger was speaking to us on this week's SportsBeat Roundup, where he also touched on the controversial all-weather surface at Dundalk Racetrack.

"The surface has reached its sell-by-date and it's in need of replacing, but for whatever reason - probably financial - it hasn't been done.

"Over the break period, during the summer, the management up there have added some new surface to the track and it's quite good at the moment.

"It is important because, horses that don't go on the soft ground in the autumn get a chance to strut their stuff up there."


First up, we spoke to Gary Hunt and Niall O'Keeffe from Waterford's U19 side, ahead of their National League final against Galway United on Monday.

We also invited Adrian Geissel into our studio, whose new app 'Surpass Sport' is making waves across the South-East and further.

You can listen to the show by clicking below.