Rhys McClenaghan stays positive in Olympic defeat

By Megan O'Brien

Rhys McClenaghan missed out on a medal this morning but says he will "come back a better gymnast and a better man".

The 22 year old gymnast from Antrim who competed in the men's Pommel Horse final was deemed a medal contender but a poor hand placement threw him off balance and led to a fall from the pommel. He finished  7th out of 8 competitors.

Speaking after the event, McClenaghan said:


"I know I'll feel disappointment with this performance but that's okay, I'm definitely the type of person to turn a negative into a positive and that's what I'm going to do.

I’m going to leave this arena with this incredible experience, becoming an Olympian, becoming first Irish gymnast to be a Olympic finalist and that is something very special to me."

He thanked his coach Luke Carson for all his hard work and support, as well as his coach's family who Carson had to often leave when working with McClenaghan in Dublin.