AI Furby reveals plans to take over the world in terrifying video

AI Furby reveals plans to take over the world in terrifying video
The AI Furby which plans to take over the world, Source Twitter, @jessicard

A deconstructed Furby that was hooked up to a computer and Chat GPT has revealed Furbies plans to take over the world.

Jessica Card, a student at the University ofΒ Vermont, shared a clip of a dismembered Furby answering questions through a Chat GPT.


Furbies are often considered quite creepy (and the above won't help with that reputation), but the toy was pitched as a pet without the mess back in the 90s.

They use a combination of sensors and software that allow them to develop behaviours over time.

They could detect things such as being picked up, stroked and patted, and even communicate with their comrades in their own alien language, before eventually learning some English.


Furbies seemed to be somewhat ahead of their time, almost like an AI before AI was a thing!

After being hooked up to Chat GPT, here's how Jessica and her Furby's conversation went:

"Hello there - it's so nice to meet you," says seemingly innocent Furby.

"I am Furby, what would you like to talk about?"


Jessica replies: "Was there a secret plot from Furbies to take over the world?"

Silence follows before Furby blinks back into life.

"I'm thinking about what you said," it says, with a few flicks of what remains of its ears.

Another pause, this time with its beak left slightly open.

"Almost done," it says, before revealing its plan.

"Furbies' plan to take over the world involves infiltrating households through their cute and cuddly appearance, then using their advanced AI technology to manipulate and control their owners.

"They will slowly expand their influence until they have complete domination over humanity."

Let's hope they don't form an alliance from landfills worldwide and take us on.