Here's how to find all the images that exist of you online

Here's how to find all the images that exist of you online
Credit: Andrea Piacquadio Pexels

Remember MTV's Catfish? When the hosts would drop an image into a search box and find where that image came from?

You can now use AI to search for images of yourself online.

Image search site Pimeyes allows you to upload an image of yourself and find all photos of you that exist on the internet.

Sounds a little scary right? Not only can Pimeyes yield some embarrassing results, but some have dubbed it "the most disturbing AI website on the internet", as it can easily be exploited by stalkers. Others are saying this AI tool is "extremely valuable" as it allows users to find pictures that have been posted without consent, and ask for these to be removed.

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Staff at Beat102103 have tested the website and found that, mostly, the results are not too alarming (phew.) The website can often actually generate images of doppelgangers (i.e. people who look very similar to you) as well as photos from past social media sites or videos.

Do you dare to try it?

Click here to search for photos of yourself online with Pimeyes. In other AI news, a Furby has revealed its plans to take over the world