We reveal this year's top Twitter hashtags

We reveal this year's top Twitter hashtags

Twitter is what’s happening, it’s where people connect, learn, laugh, debate, campaign, have conversations and share opinions. As 2019 draws to a close, Twitter reflects on the year that was.

Irish Twitter spreads the word about social issues, supports their favourite sports teams, chats about TV shows. If it happened anywhere in 2019, it happened on Twitter.

Any News?

This year, Ireland’s eyes followed decisions around #Brexit closely, making it the top shared news hashtag by Irish Twitter. As #Brexit deadlines loomed, #Brexit trended repeatedly. Political discourse was as popular as ever with other hot topics discussed including the local elections #LE19 and #Budget2020.


Environmental issues came to the fore on Twitter in Ireland during 2019 with #ClimateStrike becoming a hugely popular news hashtag, inspired by the momentous campaigning by Greta Thunberg. Other popular climate-themed hashtags shared this year were #ClimateChange and #FridaysForFuture.

What would a list of Irish topics discussed be without weather? In this case, it was #StormLorenzo and the hilarious Tweets around what could have been!

When it came to international news stories Irish people were talking about on Twitter, #Brexit and #ClimateStrike were two of the top hashtags, alongside the Rugby World Cup, #RWC2019, discussions around the fire at #NotreDame, and all things #Trump, impeachment and American politics.




Irish campaigners and supporters harnessed the power of Twitter in 2019 to raise awareness about the causes closest to their hearts. On the list is #20x20, and it’s #CantSeeCantBe campaign, calling for greater participation in the coverage of and support for women in sport. This was followed by #ThankYouLaura, honouring Laura Brennan and the fight against HPV related cancers in Ireland; the ever-present issues around homelessness, #RaiseTheRoof; campaigning against #DirectProvision, and #ClimateStrike issues.

What’s Kickin?


As always, the sport was one of the most discussed topics on Twitter during 2019 and these are the top mentioned handles. Liverpool beat Manchester United, to be the most mentioned sports team on Irish Twitter, taking the top spot from them as most mentioned handle last year. Not surprisingly @FAIreland and @IrishRugby were also up there in the most mentioned.

Let Me Entertain You!

Topping the list of most talked-about entertainment moments on Irish Twitter was #LoveIsland featuring the antics of our very own @MauraHiggin and Greg O’Shea. This was followed closely by the final series of one of television history’s most popular ever TV shows, #GameOfThrones. Also in this list were the Late Late Show, #LateLate, and the hilarious #DerryGirls. And closing it out was one of the most talked-about music competitions of the year, #Eurovision.

Off The Charts

America’s Sweetheart… or should we say Irish Sweetheart, as he tops the list of most talked-about artist handles in Ireland. The man who mixed rap with country and rode his horse until he couldn’t any more, truly stole Irish hearts as he makes it to the top of Irish rankings. Irish Twitter was hugely supportive of the English man who tweeted “Taytos are the best crisps in the universe THE END as you were. And they continued to show their love for the pop charts this year with lots of  Tweets about vocal queens @ArianaGrande amd @MileyCyrus.

The Golden Tweets: Most Popular Liked and Retweeted 

Twitter is the place to see #WhatsHappening. Some of the most popular Tweets from 2019 include:

And who can forget the three Irish guys on holiday in New York who wanted to remember their trip to Times Square but didn’t have phones or cameras!

Around the World
Globally #NotreDame was the most discussed news hashtag on Twitter during 2019, @realDonaldTrump was the most mentioned politician, @FCBarcelona topped the list of sports teams, #GameOfThrones was the most discussed TV show, #AvengersEndgame the top movie, and Kpop supremos @BTS_twt remain atop the list of most discussed musicians worldwide. Check out our Twitter blog for more info about what happened on Twitter around the world during 2019.

Whatever happened in every corner of the world, and on any topic imaginable, it happened on Twitter in 2019. What were your biggest stories, memories and conversations of 2019? Share yours using #ThisHappened or #ThisHappened2019 today! Join the conversation on Twitter using either of these hashtags and you’ll see a fun emoji in your Tweet. Also check out our Twitter accounts around the world which will be sharing inspiring #ThisHappened2019 moments to showcase the power of a single Tweet to spark authentic conversations among real people worldwide.