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Sunday Grill Diet Culture Special- Why You Should Throw Your Weighing Scales Away

Sunday Grill Diet Culture Special- Why You Should Throw Your Weighing Scales Away


It’s a diet culture special on the Sunday Grill this week when a therapist, nutritional coach and personal trainer from the South East join Orla in studio. 

And one thing they all agree on is to throw that weighing scales away! 

“I think the weighing scales should be picked up and flown out the window like a frisbee,” says Peter O’Halloran from Tipperary, an award winning nutritional coach and personal trainer. 



“You are defining yourself on a number- the number that weighs bones, organs, water, everything. It’s not telling you how much fat is on your body and people are obsessed with this number”

Karen Holland, a therapist at Sparrow Therapy and Wellness based in Kilkenny agrees, “ its a number that we don’t understand and its completely irrelevant. It should be left in a medical office. It's not needed to find out if you are being successful.”

So, how can we find out if we are successfully losing fat? Peter says measurements, comparison photos and clothing all work. 


“An item of clothing that is looser four weeks later. The scales are just going to mess with your head”


Personal trainer and nutritional  coach Nathalie Lennon says, “we have mixed up what the definition of the term diet’s about establishing a diet and reconnecting with intuition because diet culture is slashing all our intuition”.

Nathalie, Peter and Karen will join Orla on the Sunday Grill from 10am this weekend for a diet culture special 


In the meantime, you can check out their Instagram pages below.