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11 things that make Irish people say "meh"

11 things that make Irish people say "meh"


It's something that's used so frequently in our messages and everyday language in 2016.

It pretty much let's people know that you are indifferent or not bothered about someone/ something they have suggested.

"How was that movie last night?" "Ah, it was a bit meh".


Emma was discussing this on The Takeover last night & here's a list of the most popular suggestions:


Here are 12 things that make Irish people say "meh"

1.The Late Late Show.


Just meh


2. Rich Tea biscuits. Meh.




3. Chips in a fry.


Just not necessary.

4. Budget 2017.


Just one hell of a lot of meh.


5.Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift.

We just don't care. Meh.


6. Pokemon Go.

Move on! IT'S OVER!!!!


7. Green Tea.

Have a cup of Barrys girl with a drop of Avonmore. Live a little!


8. Man Buns.

Again..... MOVE ON!


9. Christmas.

Get over it. It's October. We don't care...(yet)


10. When someone sends you a snapchat saying "streak"

We barely know each other. Stop trying to make streak happen. It's never going to happen.



11. The US Presidential Election

We miss the Obamas already!

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