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The 13 best #NationalBoyfriendDay tweets

The 13 best #NationalBoyfriendDay tweets

Ugh. There's really a day for everything these days, isn't there?

#NationalBoyfriendDay is trending on Twitter this evening and as you would expect, it's attracted the most gushing and lovey- dovey, vom-material posts.

But, it's also attracted a lot of whinging and funny Tweets from those of us that don't have a S/O as they call it these days.

Here's a few:


1. It's a tough day for the singletons.


2. #CantRelate

3. We hear you, girl.


4. We hear you, Sir...

5. Yeah, let us know what is feels like to be LOVED. go on....

S/O to all the bros being celebrated on #NationalBoyfriendDay Let me know what it's like✊🏾

6. Shoutout to the best bae on the planet <3

7. Who needs humans? Answer me that?

8. You go, girl!

9. This is why these days just should not exist.

10. One day??! <3

11. Priorities, PUR-LEASE!

12. So excited to meet you, babe....

13. Again humans are over-rated