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Dog laws to be tightened following Wexford pitbull attack

Dog laws to be tightened following Wexford pitbull attack

Laws around the control and policing of dogs in Ireland look set to be tightened, following an attack on a young boy in Wexford last month.

The Agriculture Minister has written to his fellow ministers to try to improve coordination between government departments and people's safety.

At present, three government departments, along with local authorities, are responsible for policing dogs.

Minister Charlie McConalogue says the muzzling of certain types of dog breeds isn't being enforced.


"There is a law in place for certain breeds, that are regarded as dangerous, to be muzzled and on a lead when they are in public

"It is not the case that it has been enforced appropriately and it is something we want to address at government level.

Three government departments, along with local authorities, are responsible for the policing dogs and each has been contacted to coordinate and strengthen law and enforcement.

According to the Independent, the Agriculture Minister has written to Social Protection and Rural Affairs Minister Heath Humphreys as the Control of Dogs Act comes under the rural portfolio.


Mr McConalogue's own department, Agriculture, Food and the Marine, oversees dog microchipping.

Meanwhile, Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien is responsible for local councils which oversee policing and enforcement of dog controls through the issuing of licenses.

Minister Charlie McConalogue continued to say they're trying to ensure the incident in Wexford won't be repeated.

"Steps could be taken to improve the safety in relation to how we manage dangerous dogs and the safeguards that are in place.


"The situation in Wexford was absolutely horrifying and it is something that we want to do at government level, in terms of policy funding and enforcement, that every effort is being made."

9 year old Alejandro Miszan of Forge Road, Enniscorthy was attacked by what was described as an Extra Large Pit Bull Dog while playing near his home on Sunday, November 27th.

He was airlifted to Crumlin Children's Hospital in Dublin where he continues to be treated for his injuries.

The GoFundMe page that was set up by a neighbour of the Mizsan family has now raised in excess of €167,000.

Writing on the fundraiser page Caroline said it's "only right to help so I am making this GoFundMe to donate anything to give this little boy his beautiful smile back and get him back home."