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Wexford MS patient conned out of €600 by man who she believed was Elon Musk

Wexford MS patient conned out of €600 by man who she believed was Elon Musk
Kate Tobin, Facebook

A proud end-of-life campaigner and Multiple Sclerosis patient from Co. Wexford has been conned out of €600 by a 'charity fund' purporting to be fronted by Elon Musk.

56-year-old Kate Tobin from Clonroche in Co. Wexford was conned out of the much-needed cash by an entity dubbed the 'Elon Musk Financial Services Department'.

The former nun's name has risen to prominence in recent years due to her much-publicised end-of-life campaign.

Talking to The Irish Mirror, Kate explained that in her first contact with the so-called 'department,' the email stated that her well-documented story had been read by Elon Musk and that he had decided to pay Kate €5,000 per month for a period of nine months in a bid to offer her "a better quality of life."


However, the con artist added a caveat that in order to receive the funds she must first pay €100 to cover the cost of the money transfer.

After making considerable cutbacks in her day-to-day expenditure, Kate managed to pay the con artist €65. After several further phoney requests for money between October 2022 and January 2023, Kate paid another €535,

Talking to The Irish Mirror, Kate said "I got into debt."

She continued: "The annoying thing apart from being had is that I wanted to use the money to help others.”


Kate was diagnosed with MS in 2012. She is currently awaiting surgery to help bring some symptoms associated with her condition under control.

We would like to thank Kate for sharing her story