WIN CASH: ChaRadio on Beat Drive

WIN CASH: ChaRadio on Beat Drive

Need cash? Darren's got you covered on Beat Drive every day.

How do I win?

Remember the iconic family classic 'charades'? Course you do!

Think that, but on a much-sexier, modern-day tip.

Each day, you have an opportunity to get on air and ask Darren a question with the aim of getting closer to identifying the answer to this round's charade - it can be a person, film, book, song... pretty much anything!



This round you're looking for: A Fictional Character

Clue: Voice



Questions Asked:

Are they a person? YES

Are they animated? NO

Are they male? YES


Are they on a TV show? YES

Is it a British TV show?  NO

Is it an American TV show? YES

Are they linked to an upcoming movie? NO

Are they in The Hangover? NO

Were they on a previous show prior to getting their own? NO

Are they a mute? NO

Is there a spinoff TV series from their show? NO

Is the voice represented through a vehicle? NO


Wrong AnswersHomer Simpson / Janice from Friends / Darth Vader / Peter Griffin / Big Brother / Andy Dufresne / The Mandalorian / Mr Bean / Wilson (Home Improvement) / Stewie Griffin / Donkey from Shrek / Leslie Chow / Frasier / Venom / Hector Salamanca / Kitt / Edwin Mullins / Chandler Bing / Future Ted Mosby / Raymond Reddington / Malcolm (Malcolm in The Middle)




Check out the Charadio T&C's in section 10 here.