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Client Testimonial

  • Helen O Dwyer, Cannonball Ireland

“The Beast was a really great addition to the Cannonball Supercar convoy in Kilkenny, and I must say, it was an absolute blast!  From the moment the Beast arrived, it brought an incredible amount of energy and excitement to the event.  It looks awesome and the lights and smoke effects are fantastic. The music selection was on point, with the DJ seamlessly blending various genres and keeping the crowd engaged throughout the event. The beats were infectious, creating a heady atmosphere that added an extra level of thrill to the already impressive Supercar Event.  Not only did the DJ excel in his craft, but the team was also exceptional. They worked effortlessly to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and lighting, enhancing the overall experience for everyone in attendance. The level of professionalism exhibited by the entire team was truly remarkable. If you're looking for a mobile DJ unit that can bring heaps of excitement and an unbelievable atmosphere to your event, I wholeheartedly recommend the Beast.”


About the Beast

After marking our 20th birthday this summer, Beat is driving into a new decade with a brand-new commercial solution. This is the first time a regional, youth music radio station in Ireland has invested in an Outside Broadcast Unit. Up to now, promotional, outdoor, live broadcast vehicles in Ireland have been synonymous with local and national radio stations. Beat are determined to change this!

Earlier this year, Beat’s shareholders Irish Times and Des Whelan gave the green light to fund this new offering. Over the summer months, the design and vehicle conversion transformed the iconic Land Rover Defender into what the creative team at Beat is confident will be its own iconic “Beat Beast” brand, with time.


The project was lead by Broadcast Centre engineer, Dean Robinson. Once he acquired the vehicle, Dean secured Waterford based company Mad Racing to convert the 3 tonne machine into a high quality and quirky mobile broadcast unit. Dean highlighted that “most OB units are large so this project was a challenge to deliver a compact unit that would still be highly functional for presenters and DJs”.

“The aim was to create a unique, eye catching, music led OB, in keeping with Beat’s well-known reputation for ‘doing things a little differently’ & I’m confident we’ve achieved that with the Beast!” added Dean.

From a technical perspective, the vehicle will require no power supply, it is totally self-sufficient and the plan is to add solar panels at a later phase to improve sustainability.  The OB unit is fitted with 3 Mobile 5G broadband, and Vodafone 5G broadband. In the unlikely event that coverage is poor in a specific location where we want to broadcast, the default back up is the highly innovative, Elon Musk owned Starlink satellite broadband.

Tom Murphy, owner of Mad Racing Waterford has described the project as “fun and exciting, where we got to use our extensive knowledge of fabrication, out of the box thinking, and specialised skill set to create something unique and MAD. We’re sure it’ll bring an inspirational BEAT to everyone”.


After a competitive tender process to select the company that would design The Beast, Neworld won the contract.  Beat’s CEO Gabrielle Cummins has applauded the award-winning national brand design company for once again exceeding the Beat Brief. “Pat Kingsley and the team at Neworld devised Beat’s original logo twenty years ago, they reimagined Beat’s brand identity in 2016 and now this, the brilliant Beat Beast”.

Beat’s Commercial Director Michael Barry is looking forward to presenting this new commercial offering to Beat’s loyal client base including 162,000 trusted weekly listeners and concluded “our clients are always looking for new ways to grab the attention of their customers so with The Beast we know we can create an even greater stir than what they’ve come to expect from partnering with Beat over the last two decades”.

To book or find out more information, email [email protected].

The Beat Beast