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Corporate Catering Services Ltd - Chef Manager

Corporate Catering Services Ltd - Chef Manager

Job Title: Chef Manager
Job Title: Chef Manager
Reports to: Operations Manager
Direct Reports: Supervisor; Chefs; Catering Assistants

Main Responsibilities:
To take overall responsibility for and control of the provision of the catering service by:
1. Providing an excellent service to all customers and other relevant stakeholders.
2. Recruiting, managing; organising and training staff to maximise productivity.
3. Controlling costs and achieving the Gross Profit targets as required by Corporate Catering.
4. Achieving and maintaining the highest standards of food hygiene and quality as required by
Corporate Catering.
5. Organising and co-ordinating theme days and events in line with company and client requirements.
6. Ensuring compliance with and monitoring of health & safety standards.
7. Complying with and maintaining the ISO quality standard.
8. Communicating effectively with the client; customers; employees and other relevant stakeholders.
9. Representing the company on a day to day basis to the best of your ability.
10. Complying with and implementing all policies and procedures introduced by Corporate Catering
Services Ltd and as agreed with our client.
11. Working effectively as a team member of Corporate Catering Services Ltd.

Personal Characteristics & Skills required for this role:
1. Excellent Communication Skills
2. Flexibility & Adaptability
3. Leadership
4. Attention to detail
5. Business awareness & organisation
6. Commitment to customer care
7. Ability to implement and monitor policies and procedures.

Training required for this role:
1. Induction
2. Manual Handling of Loads
3. Food Hygiene
4. Advanced Customer Care
5. Health & Safety
6. Management Skills
7. Communication & Team Meetings
8. Effective Performance Appraisals
9. Budget and Accounts system
10. Team Building
The above list is not an exhaustive one nor is it intended to be.
Additional duties will be determined by the Operations Manager and may vary.


To apply please email your CV to  [email protected]