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Rayco Group - Welder and Fabricator & Fireproofing Sprayer

Rayco Group - Welder and Fabricator & Fireproofing Sprayer


Rayco Group is a rapidly expanding organisation based in the south east of the Ireland, specialising in providing commercial and industrial machinery repair and maintenance services. We are also actively involved in the construction sector, offering services such as groundwork, septic tank installation and fireproofing for steel structures. Our highly-skilled team of professionals continually strive to provide our clients with the best possible customer service experience.


We are actively looking to recruit an experienced Welder and Fabricator to join our ever-growing team. The ideal candidate for this role must have a proven history of welding and fabricating experience, possess the capacity to work efficiently with minimal supervision, and exhibit strong problem-solving skills that will ensure the successful completion of any given task. Furthermore, they should also be able to take initiative and think independently when needed. The successful candidate will be responsible for performing welding and fabrication tasks to the highest standards of quality and safety. This role will involve reading blueprints & drawings, laying out parts, welding components together, and ensuring that all work meets quality standards.



  1. Read blueprints, sketches, or product specifications to determine appropriate welding method
  2. Set up welding machines based on the job at hand, including selecting the correct voltage, amperage and wire

feed speed

  1. Select the type of welding technique to be used (MIG, TIG or Stick)
  2. Lay out parts in preparation for welding
  3. Use torches to cut or gouge metal in preparation for joining pieces together
  4. Weld components together using manual or semi-automatic methods
  5. Monitor the fitting, burning and welding processes to avoid overheating of parts or warping, shrinking or

expansion of material

  1. Inspect completed welds to ensure conformance with specifications
  2. Perform routine maintenance on welding equipment




  1. At least 1 year experience welding and fabricating
  2. Leaving Certificate or equivalent degree
  3. Knowledge of the automotive industry would be an advantage





We are actively seeking a skilled and experienced Fireproofing Sprayer to join our team and help us reach our goals. The ideal candidate for this role should have a comprehensive understanding of fireproofing spraying and the ability to work in an organized and secure manner. They must also be able to follow safety protocols and procedures and be comfortable with completing tasks in a timely fashion. The Fireproofing Sprayer will be responsible for the accurate and efficient application of fireproofing materials to a variety of surfaces, including structural steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces. The Sprayer must be knowledgeable in the correct application techniques and safety protocols while working with these materials. This position requires great attention to detail, physical strength, and a firm understanding of safety regulations when handling potentially hazardous substances. In this role, you will be expected to ensure that the materials are applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards.


  1. Prepare surfaces for fireproofing application by cleaning, sandblasting, and grinding
  2. Mix fireproofing material according to manufacturer’s instructions
  3. Apply fireproofing material to structural steel, concrete, and other surfaces using a spray gun or brush
  4. Inspect fireproofed surfaces for accuracy and quality control
  5. Ensure that all safety protocols are followed at all times
  6. Maintain equipment in good working condition
  7. Follow instructions from supervisor at all times


  1. Minimum of 2 years of experience as a Fireproofing Sprayer
  2. Ability to read blueprints and understand technical drawings
  3. Previous experience with spray guns and other tools used in the application of fireproofing
  4. Safepass essential



Phone: 0879192193/0873957654

Email: [email protected]