Kildare, or any county with a small stadium, will get home advantage in Super 8s

Kildare, or any county with a small stadium, will get home advantage in Super 8s

By Stephen Barry

GAA President John Horan says that home advantage will be granted to any team who qualifies for the Super 8s, regardless of the capacity of their ground.

Kildare had a two-day standoff with the GAA before their round 3 qualifier against Mayo was fixed in their home pitch, St Conleth's Park. They went on to produce a shock 0-21 to 0-19 victory over the All-Ireland runners-up.

Should Kildare defeat Fermanagh to qualify for the Super 8s, they will get another game in the Newbridge ground.


"No matter who the opposition are, it is in rule that each team in the Super 8s will get their home game. That will be stood over," Horan told Morning Ireland on RTÉ Radio 1.

"That was agreed in Congress and we won't be turning our back on that."

Horan said he was sorry Kildare had to clash with the GAA to assert their right to home advantage.

"I’m sorry that such a situation did develop that one of our national committees locked horns with one of our county boards.


"But, at the end of the day, we did find a resolution, the game went ahead and we will have learned lessons from that and be stronger for the experience."

He also gave his view on criticisms of Croke Park for losing touch with the grassroots of the organisation.

"I’m quite confused and I often feel it’s a bit lazy to throw such a term out as Croke Park.

"Are we distinguishing between our national committees, which are made up of people who come up from the clubs and from the county boards?


"Or are we referring to our staff? The vast majority of them are all involved in GAA clubs and work as officers within their clubs.

"Both those situations, I think we are well connected to the grassroots within the organisation.

[quote]"One topic you could throw out is do we go for full attendance at matches or do we cater for everybody who wants to go and by changing the actual venue? Which do we do?[/quote]

"I think no matter which side we pick of that argument, we always going to come in for criticism. So I would reject that Croke Park has lost touch with the grassroots."