Solas Run & Walk for Life 2018 blog, week one

Solas Run & Walk for Life 2018 blog, week one

I usually talk about music and all other sorts of nonsense on Beat 102-103 on Friday nights and Sunday evenings, but this time I'll be talking all things running.

When I was a teenager I loved running and I ran competitively with a club for a good few years. For me, it was a way of socialising and hanging out with friends - as well as the trips away to running competitions.

Now that I'm in my mid-20s, it's not so fun! I have to coax myself off the couch to go for a run...

The Solas Centre does the most fantastic work not only with the people who are undergoing treatment but with their families and close ones too and I'm so pleased that I can get involved and help to raise funds for such a worthy cause. I've seen first hand with one of my own family members and friends family members just how much it can help those who are going through a difficult time. It's a place which gives so much and allows people a break from everything they are going through.


I've always admired the people who cross the finish line of the Solas Run for Life each year, but as I trained as a sprinter for years, I thought to myself “10 miles?? It would take me hours to do that, there is no way I could run that long!” However, now that it has changed to a 10km run this year and with the introduction of the Solas Centre's new program 'Couch to 10km', I really had no excuse!

The Solas Centre put out a call for people to take part in this running program to get them ready for the big race. Twelve applicants were chosen along with myself (lucky number 13!) Our first training session took place on Tuesday, August 28th in the People's Park in Waterford city where we were introduced to our training coach, Seamus Doyle.

I was a mixture of different emotions heading along to that training session, but once we got going it was surprisingly enjoyable!

For our first training, we worked on the three P's of running: Plan, Pace and Patience (something I don't have very much of!). I mainly trained as a sprinter back in my running days, so in other words - get from A to B as quick as I could. This is the theory behind any race but long-distance running is not as simple! When running long distances, pace is something I struggle with massively.


Usually, I shoot off like a rocket and then I can't catch my breath after about 10 minutes so I'm looking forward to improving on this front. We also touched on some key techniques of running: Line of Sight, Neutral Shoulders and Arm Swing - all of which can really help you feel more comfortable while running.

Our homework for the week was to get out for two runs that were at least 15 minutes long. With it being the week leading up to Electric Picnic, I only made it out for one run, but I aimed for a half an hour run instead while incorporating all the tricks and techniques from our first training.

I tried to find ways to get out of doing homework in school and think of any excuse not to do it, but this is 'homework' I'm going to try and take seriously...

And surprisingly, I'm really enjoying it so far!