*The do's & don'ts of passing your driving test in Ireland*

*The do's & don'ts of passing your driving test in Ireland*

Ahh, the dreaded driving test...

Whatever the outcome, it's a right of passage that's guaranteed to remain rooted at the back of your mind for the rest of your life.

And it could even be a positive experience - providing you tick all the boxes.

Here's our choice of do's and don'ts when preparing for the big day...


DO – Take plenty of pre-tests:

If there’s one thing you definitely need to do if you want to be confident in passing your test, it is to ask your driving instructor to conduct a pre-test. Knowing every manoeuvre like the back of your hand will help you feel confident going into d-day!

DON’T – Get into bad habits:

Odds are you'll pick up some bad driving habits if you practice with your parents. For example: having your hands in the incorrect position on the steering wheel, or not checking your side mirrors before you indicate.


If you can keep these bad habits in check, you're far more likely to pass your test.

DO – Know the test route: 

If you’re doing your driving test in Carlow town, ask your driving instructor to bring you around the streets of Carlow. Familiarise yourself with the roads in the area, even those adjacent to the test route. You never know, your tester may vary the route usually taken. Familiar roads will leave you feeling more at ease with the task at hand.

DON’T – Tell anyone your test date:


Rooky mistake! Okay, you might have to tell your parents and maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend, but tell anyone outside this circle, and Johnny from down the road will be wishing you the best of luck down in Centra.

The result? You’ll unknowingly be thinking “If I fail, everyone will know” and while there is nothing wrong with failing, you don’t want to go through this stress all over again in two weeks time.

DON'T – Listen to the horror stories:

"Did you hear what happened to Jacinta's little one when she did her test?" Says mammy. "She's not the better of it, wait and I'll tell ya..."

Everyone knows someone who knows someone who failed their test 700 times. Do us a favour and ignore these stories, they'll only make you more nervous.

DO - Get your timing right: 

Book your test at a quieter time of the day. If possible, take the day off work and pick a mid-morning slot. Quieter roads will result in you being more at ease, and therefore, a better driver. Happy days!

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