Daily Dilemma Uncensored: The Live Podcast Debut

Daily Dilemma Uncensored: The Live Podcast Debut

BEAT 102 103 Beat Breakfast duo Niall Power and Shonagh Lyons hosted their first-ever podcast live in front of an audience in Waterford on 14th February. 

On Valentine’s Night 2024, Beat 102 103 took over Bank Lane in Waterford City for a night to remember. A spin on the well-known Daily Dilemma which features each weekday morning on Beat Breakfast with Niall & Sho, is a much-loved item among listeners in the South East. 

People in the region send in their personal predicaments and the Beat Breakfast crew is there to help every morning to tackle the issue. Each week, they deal with problems big and small but some are just too saucey to share on air!

The Daily Dilemma Uncensored Podcast dives into the juiciest, most controversial dilemmas with Niall and Sho. They reveal and explore the rude, lewd, and even crude topics that people in the South East send into the Daily Dilemma every day. 


To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2024, Beat 102 103 hosted their first-ever Live Podcast in Waterford City with an audience of 150 people. Tickets to the event sold out in four hours as fans of the Podcast got ready to be part of the Daily Dilemma Uncensored Podcast Live in Bank Lane.

Beat Breakfast's Niall & Sho discussed dilemmas that are too saucey to share on air with a panel on the night; Columnist & Podcaster Dr. Caroline West, Beat listener Jack Alwright along with Waterford's current Mr. Congeniality Pu$$y in Boots who wowed the crowd with drag performances were there to help NIall and Sho with the dilemmas submitted. The house band on the night was Trademark. Beat the Bomb was also played with winners taking home prizes from Play Blue and Lace & Tassels.

Beat Breakfast Presenter and Head of Station Sound Niall Power says the live podcast was a first for the radio station: The Daily Dilemma Uncensored Podcast has been growing in numbers across the four seasons produced so far, so we were aware of the interest in it. However, we were blown away by the reaction from listeners scrambling to get tickets and the passion of the crowd on the night. Ireland has come a long way in a short time, and we’re proud at Beat that we can have healthy and fun conversations about sex and relationships that resonate with our audience, both on air and through our podcasts like Daily Dilemma Uncensored and the award-winning ‘Let’s Talk About Gnéas’ produced by Michelle Heffernan. We’re incredibly lucky that people trust myself and Sho to create a safe space to have these conversations, and our first live event certainly lived up to expectations!”. 

Beat Breakfast co-host Shonagh Lyons says she was delighted with the response from those who attended: Our amazing audience got behind the night from the very start and proved to be the best crowd we could have possibly asked for. From the group of primary school teachers who dissect the podcast each week in the staff room, to the couple from Carlow who chatted about their threesome experience to the guy from Wexford who travelled on his own to be there and ended up becoming the star of the show,  Daily Dilemma Uncensored Live launched last night with a bang. And it looks like it's just the beginning of something big!”.


Producer of Beat Breakfast and Presenter of Beat’s Throwback Hour Cillian Doyle says it was great to be a part of something big:Daily Dilemma Uncensored The Live Podcast has solidified the power of radio and audio! What stemmed from taking our Daily Dilemma segment on Beat Breakfast and turning it into an over 18s podcast has shown the community that has been built from three people sitting in a room with mics in their faces talking about sex. Seeing 150 people in one room soaking up a podcast that they may listen to out for a walk or on the way the work was a powerful thing to witness!”.

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To listen to all episodes of Daily Dilemma, visit:

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