How To Be A Winner This Christmas

How To Be A Winner This Christmas

When it comes to Christmas crackers are you a tad competitive?

Are you a sore loser if you don't get that snap?

Defence technology experts have found the perfect technique to ensure you win the Christmas cracker every time

Step 1: Hold your end of the cracker at a lower angle to your opponent


Step 2: Use a firm , two handed grip on your end

Step 3: When it's time to pull, make a slow steady pull rather than a fast tug

Lastly, don't be too aggressive! You may compromise the end of your cracker!

Christmas cracker

Apply a 2 handed grip to nab that cracker

An etiquette coach has also given guidance on how to correctly time your cracker shenanigans.

According to a "social behaviour expert," Liz Brewer, crackers should be opened at the end of the main course, or after the dessert.

It's not polite to lean over guests to pull a cracker, and apparently, it's not appropriate to wear your hat away form the table.


Finally, always congratulate the victor. Don't be a sore loser- especially if you lost your end to a little one!

Listen to Niall and Sho from Beat Breakfast test out the technique