Series produced by Beat News 'Mystic and Holistic: The Gen Z Draw to Crystals and Cards' airs on Beat

Series produced by Beat News 'Mystic and Holistic: The Gen Z Draw to Crystals and Cards' airs on Beat

Not long after producing the Referendum News Special, Your Vote Matters, the team at Beat News has produced another deep dive radio documentary into a topic that has seen a huge resurgence in recent years.

Mystic and Holistic: The Gen Z Draw to Crystals and Cards is a Spotlight, or short series, that explores the resurgence of all things magical.

Throughout the five-part docu-series, Beat's Jayde Maher explores psychics, crystals, angel numbers, astrology, and much more.

Produced by Jayde, best known as one of Beat's primary Broadcast Journalists and afternoon anchor of daily Beat News bulletins, she chats to people who practice these things as well as those who are skeptical of them.


In episode one, she speaks to Mary-Sue Connolly, a Waterford woman who creates documentaries. Mary-Sue delves into Pagan Ireland and traditions and shares some of her favourites. Mary-Sue is the creator of Glenafooka which looked at ancient beliefs in other world spirits, including fairies, ghosts, banshees, and other supernatural forces. She also shares why she thinks there has been a resurgence in mystic traditions. Jayde then heads out to SETU Waterford to chat with students there about their thoughts on these ways of life.

Episode two explores crystals and their alleged superpowers. Jayde speaks to Erica, the owner of Angel on a Broomstick, about where crystals came from and why people are using them. She talks about a particular age group in which crystals seem to be the most popular. The episode also hears from a Psychologist as well as Keith Barry on whether or not there is science behind crystals.

In episode three, Jayde takes a deeper look at psychics and how they do what they do. Stan Phillips speaks to Jayde about how he got into palm reading and shares an insight into how he can see the future’s potential. He admits it’s not scientific, but if it works, questioned why we should shy away from it. Again, Keith Barry shares his thoughts and opinions in this episode. He shares the techniques that psychics use to make you believe they can see the future. Disclaimer – it may burst your magical bubble.

Episode four focuses on numerology and astrology. Both aim to give the same message but have different ways it is sent. Numerology uses numbers and astrology looks to the planets and stars. Those who give readings in both practices aim to share an insight into your personality traits and potential life path based on your birthday. Jayde speaks to Marcela who does Sacred Numerology Readings in Creacon Lodge. She tells Jayde about Life Path numbers and we discussed 11:11 – the time of the angels. She also talks to Nick Hughes. He founded the astrology site AstroNative and is based in Waterford. He outlines how astrology works and how it can be used to help guide you through life.


The fifth and final episode hears about how not everyone has a positive story following a mystic or holistic experience. Beat’s Michelle Heffernan shares some horrifying personal stories after seeking healing from someone who claimed to be able to see the future. Michelle urges others to have a level of caution when approaching these things. Jayde also talks to Dr Vincent McDarby, a psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland. He informs us about the placebo effect and how that might apply to some of the things we hear about earlier in the series.

Jayde describes where the idea came about and why it the project was an exciting oppurtunity to investigate the concept of spiritual healing and more for Beat's audience.

"I wanted to work on this Spotlight because it’s a topic that I am interested in and have always been fascinated by. I wanted to know more about these kind of things.

"I think things like crystals and tarot cards are on the rise recently especially in the age group that is Beat’s demographic. When you scroll on TikTok, these kind of things are definitely making an appearance.


"After working on it, I was unfortunately slightly disheartened by the lack of “magic” but I’m glad I now know what I know so that should I ever go into a treatment, reading, or healing ceremony, I have that slight degree of scepticism and caution, which I know is important."

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