Top 5 Daily Dilemmas of 2023!

Top 5 Daily Dilemmas of 2023!

It's been a whopper year for YOUR Dilemmas in 2023!

From men crying at WWE, women driving vans and one guy who wanted to dress up as an elf to pull single mothers, there are too many Dilemmas to mention.

Each weekday morning from 7am, Niall and Sho bring you Beat Breakfast! You never know what is going to come out of their mouths each day!

But you are guaranteed a Daily Dilemma from Monday to Thursday, and this year we have heard A LOT!!



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Always remember, The Beat Breakfast crew is here to help, as Niall & Sho tackle everyday problems with the help of Beat listeners.

So, let's get into this list, here are the TOP 5 Daily Dilemma's of 2023!

#5. My new boyfriend is wearing his Dad's briefs!!

My new BF is wearing his Dad's briefs and I have the "ick"!


A girl got in touch to say that the guy she is seeing wears his Dad's briefs and he sees no issue with it.

She's got the "ick" big time and wants to know if this is normal or not!

#4. My new boyfriend cried at WWE!


"I went over to my new boyfriends house at the weekend.

He was watching wrestling and cried when some wrestler returned!

Lads, WWE is fake and it's childish isn't it? Should I run?"

#3. I'm hiding tea bags in my bra when I call around to my fella's house!


The fella I'm seeing doesn't have the tea bags I like.

I'm hiding Barry's Tea in my bra when I call around.

When we were getting cosy, he found the tea bag.

Do I fess up or keep hiding them?

#2. The girl I'm dating drives a Mini Transit Van


I'm seeing a girl who drives a bloody Transit!

There's a sticker on the back that reads "stop lookin' at my rear" too!

Lads, I was fierce embarrassed having a girl drive me around in a van.

And in at number one is.............


#1. A girl in work keeps robbing my butter!


A girl in work keeps robbing my bloody butter!

It's not communal as I buy it myself and she leaves crumbs and bits of scrambled egg in it.

One girl saw her lick her knife and put it back into the tub!

What was your favourite Daily Dilemma of 2023?

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