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Love Islander Yewande Biala says she was nearly kidnapped

Love Islander Yewande Biala says she was nearly kidnapped

Yewande Biala says she was nearly kidnapped by a Tinder date.

The former Love Island star's opened up about the terrifying experience, which took place 'in the middle of nowhere' following a meet-up over drinks.


Speaking on Pretty Little Thing's podcast Behind Closed Doors, Yewande described her Tinder experience, saying: like many people I had a horrible experience, I nearly got kidnapped.


Yewande explained: ‘So he kinda, so he had his hand around my hip/waist, I was a little bit uncomfortable because unless I get to know you, I’m hesitant when it comes to touching.

‘But then I soon realised that he wasn’t just grabbing me by the waist he was checking if I was wearing knickers!

‘I could literally feel his fingers going up and down multiple times, so I was thinking: “What are you trying to do?”‘

So, me being me, I was like “Right maybe this is normal for people who like affection, maybe this is what people do?” So I’m just gonna go with it and this is gonna be fine.


‘I got into the car with my seatbelt on. He was driving me home. Now bear in mind, I live in Meath and people who live in Meath near Enfield – it is the middle of nowhere!

‘He’s driving me home, and this guy starts feeling my legs. Not feeling… scratching with his nails. For some reason he thought this was sexy.

‘I’m thinking “Oh my god, what am I going to do? I have no credit, I can’t call anyone. I can’t actually jump out of the car because I was in the middle of nowhere and what am I gonna do?”.

‘And then he starts like asking me what colour underwear I have on! I thought I was going to get kidnapped. I was like, “this is how people die and get locked up in dungeons”, like this is how it happens!

‘I was too scared to react because I was like: “What if this goes south and he just goes insane? Then what am I going to do?”.’